Christ to the Philippines Rock District Anniversary Celebration in Manila

It is a cold snowy morning in Maryland today. I was prepared to travel to preach in West Virginia, the service was canceled. I am thankful I already preaching once today.

This morning I was blessed to minister online at the Christ to the Philippines Rock District Anniversary Celebration in Manila. I am writing to invite you to celebrate with our friends in the Philippines.

A recording of the entire service with clips from several of the related congregations can viewed here. (The introduction and preaching begins about the one hour point.)

or here is my message only:


Terry King

2021 is here

2021 is here, and we are on the “move” for ministry. Linda and I enjoyed a nice break between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I appreciated a relaxed schedule after several months of intense ministry. Our January schedule is pretty much full. I have appointments scheduled most days with meetings, mentoring and teaching, and most are online.


-This weekend Linda and I travel to central PA.

-A week from this Sunday we travel to West Virginia, the following week to PA.

-Next week, I am video recording preaching for LifeLine Church in London England, and another message for the church where Aspher leads in Bulawayo which will be shown for Sunday services.

-I have several team meetings scheduled on Zoom including one in Frederick, the AIM team and LifeLine Intn.


One of the refreshing moments of the past week was taking time to reflect over the past year. Amazing! Who could have imagined?  We’ve had challenging, hard, and yet wonderful opportunities. My online ministry tools have multiplied and reaching hundreds here and overseas. I presently engaged in more mentoring relationships than ever before. I was invited to become a guest professor at a Seminary and a Bible college. Etc.! 2020 was a fruitful year for the kingdom in so many ways.


Terry King

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