Beyond Pandemic Webinar

Challenging times demand creative adjustments! The impact of Covid-19 ensures a new normal.  The LDR Southeast Asia is taking the lead in giving insight into the way forward. This  is a five-part series, our goal is to will equip you to lead with peak effectiveness in difficult times.

Terry King is the Executive Director of Leadership Development Resources. Terry loves to train leaders! Terry’s influence spans the globe with 45 years of cross-cultural leadership coaching and training rooted in a spiritual dimension.

Sunday Taniegra is a behaviorist by profession and is being used by God widely in leadership training and seminars, life coaching, and counseling and mentoring relationships with students, marketplace and church leaders.

Miguelito P. Pabilonia, Jr. has rapidly become known as a respected and influential leader, leadership coach and trainer. Miguel has earned the distinction of being recognized as an Independent Certified Speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

Beyond Pandemic Webinar I

  • Sunday Taniegra “Making Adversity Pay (Turning our Adversity into Great Opportunities)”
  • Miguelito Pabilonia “Revisiting Our Dreams”
  • Terry King “Leading or Reacting?”

Beyond Pandemic Webinar II

  • Sunday Taniegra “Making Adversity Pay” (Turning our Adversity into Great Opportunities)
  • Miguel Pabilonia “Revisiting Our Dreams”
  • Terry King “Focused or Frenzied?” (Leading or Reacting Series)

Beyond Pandemic Webinar III

  • Sunday Taniegra “Making Adversity Pay”
  • Andrew Brough “Developing Leadership Resilience”
  • Miguel Pabelonia “Take Action”
  • Terry King “Energized or Exhausted?”

Beyond Pandemic Webinar IV

  • Sunday Taniegra “Adversity Must Pay: Embracing the Opportunity to Stand for Our Integrity”
  • Voltaire Pablo “Four Keys to Integrity in the Marketplace”
  • Miguel Pabelonia, “Be Inspired”
  • Terry King, Leading or Reacting Series, “Living Intentionally”

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