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We serve a variety of institutions and specialize in working with small to medium churches and businesses.

In addition to strategic planning and team building, core subjects we offer include Cross Cultural Communication and leadership skills including Personal Leadership.


Our team is augmented by a number of associates, colleagues who we call upon for specific opportunities and situations.

We speak to and teach groups that number in the thousands and love to work with small groups.

We recognize that churches and other organizations are expanding rapidly in the two-thirds world. We respond by sending our staff and teams to many nations.

Over the years, 38 nations have been impacted. Team members have traveled to every continent (except Antarctica) and recently worked in Hungary, Italy, France, Israel, the Canary Islands, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico.


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We believe that God has called us to serve existing and emerging organizations, assisting them to train the leaders that they will need to contain the great harvest God is giving us in these days.

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