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Missionaries to Leaders, Around the World!

The foreign missions movement is changing! These are exciting days for the Body of Jesus Christ. This is particularly true in missions. For nearly a century, mission leaders have envisioned planting national churches, churches that would grow by themselves, support themselves and be led by themselves. In the last two decades, a number of factors have led to this goal being taken seriously.

If missions is changing, missionaries must change also! Typically, the first questions one asks a missionary are, “What country are you going to... What people group in that country?” Our answers are somewhat non-traditional. God has called us to a special people group, church leaders, worldwide.

We have a special burden for leaders in emerging churches across the United States and around the world. Our special focus is key leaders who are reproducing themselves. Relationships that we have developed over the last thirty plus years of ministry give us opportunities to minister on five continents. Being based in the States removes the limitation of needing resident visas and keeps local leaders from becoming dependent on us.