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“Leveraging the Creative Power of Conflict”

Welcome! The LDR Southeast Asia is taking the lead in giving insight on how to succeed in the midst of disagreements. In this five-part series, our goal is to equip you with helpful skills needed to leverage the creative power of conflict in the workplace and at home.

Have you crossed the line from reasoning to arguing? Are you allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement? Are you even listening?

Leadership Team

Terry King is the Executive Director of Leadership Development Resources. Terry loves to train leaders! Terry’s influence spans the globe with 45 years of cross-cultural leadership coaching and training rooted in a spiritual dimension.

Sunday Taniegra is a behaviorist by profession and is being used by God widely in leadership training and seminars, life coaching, and counseling and mentoring relationships with students, marketplace and church leaders.

Miguelito P. Pabilonia, Jr. has rapidly become known as a respected and influential leader, leadership coach and trainer. Miguel has earned the distinction of being recognized as an Independent Certified Speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

"Arguing or Reasoning?" | Part 1

Arguing or Reasoning? Part 1

While many leaders make every effort to avoid conflict in meetings, a better approach is to allow and manage controversy and harness its creative power. This first session defines reasoning.

"Arguing or Reasoning?" | Part 2

Arguing or Reasoning? Part 2 | Crossed the Line?

Many leaders make every effort to avoid conflict in meetings. This second presentation looks at signs of crossing the line from reasoning to arguing.

"Arguing or Reasoning?" | Part 3

Arguing or Reasoning? Part 3 | Are You Angry?

Many leaders make every effort to avoid conflict in meetings. This third presentation looks at more signs of crossing the line from reasoning to arguing.

Emotions Cloud Judgement

Emotions Cloud Judgement

Your emotions can very easily cloud your judgement. If you’re unaware of your emotions and how they could be affecting your job and personal life, you could experience some serious repercussions.

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

Lessons of life have taught me through the years that one thing that helps close gap between people is the skill of listening. Listening is important at work. Managers who listen well are perceived as people leaders, generate more trust, instill higher job satisfaction, and increase their team’s creativity.

Discutindo ou argumentando | parte 3 “você está com

Discutindo ou argumentando | parte 3 “você está com raiva?”

with Terry King | translation by Onésimo Ferraz

Você está ouvindo?

Você está ouvindo?

As lições de vida me ensinaram ao longo dos anos que uma coisa que ajuda a diminuir a distância entre as pessoas é a habilidade de ouvir. Ouvir é importante no trabalho. Os gerentes que ouvem bem são vistos como líderes de pessoas, geram mais confiança, inspiram maior satisfação no trabalho e aumentam a criatividade de sua equipe.

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