Part of the mission of Leadership Development Resources is to impact the next generation of leaders.  The LDR Internship Program is one of the vehicles offered to accomplish this goal.


LDR Educational Internship

For the last 50 years, Terry and Linda King have traveled the globe to train leaders as college instructors, seminar speakers and mentors.  This calling has taken them to 40 countries; they lived in Zimbabwe and the Philippines for a total of nine years.  Terry has master’s degrees in Cross Cultural Education and HRD Leadership Development. This experience is now available to individuals through the LDR Educational Internship Program.

Nature of the Program

The LDR Internship Program provides a residential opportunity for a student to study and work with the leadership of LDR.  The core of the program is an educational internship that is based on a directed study, “Principles of Personal Leadership.”  The program requires a three-month commitment.  In some situations, an additional three months of study is available.


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