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The world is changing!  The pace is increasing!

Change brings opportunity and challenge.  To be effective in today’s environment, organizations and business much have a solid core foundation of direction and structure. To remain relevant, they must also be incredibly flexible.

Many pastors, leaders and business owners are discovering that life is an intriguing combination of organizational structure and Spiritual leadership. Few are gifted or trained in both areas.

Leadership Development Resources exists to serve leaders. We seek to assist churches and organizations in reaching their full potential by using evaluation tools and discernment supported by over four decades of experience.

Topics of Expertise Include:

  • Evaluation of individual leadership skills and effectiveness
  • Evaluation of human resources (personnel gift assessment, job descriptions, leadership development programs, staff organization, etc.)
  • Organizational strategic planning (strategic plan evaluation, development or evaluation of vision, mission, goals and values statements)
  • Evaluation processes based on a biblical philosophy, structures and principles

LDR Services Include:

  • Personal evaluation and coaching for leaders
  • Evaluation interviews with staff and leaders
  • Assistance in composing organizational documents
  • Initiating a leadership development programs and supplying materials
  • Facilitation of planning and evaluation meetings
  • Teaching seminars and retreats for leaders
  • Specialists available for most areas of organizational life

LDR is prepared to assist you and your organization and serve in several capacities. We coach leaders, assisting them to discover strengths and weaknesses and develop potential. We can provide a full assessment of your organizational structure. Tools include personal consultation and training seminars tailored to specific needs. Our goal is to fully integrate the ethics, principles and practices of biblical life with the practical realities of today.

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We believe that God has called us to serve existing and emerging organizations, assisting them to train the leaders that they will need to contain the great harvest God is giving us in these days.

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