The leadership of Leadership Development Resources recognizes the value and protection that is gained by being governed by a board of seasoned leaders and being affiliated with a larger organization. LDR finances are governed by a board of directors. LDR’s ministry functions as part of the ministry of Alliance International Ministries.

Alliance International Ministries

Alliance International Ministries (AIM) is an alliance of peers who serve together as an apostolic ministry team. Team members include John Dean, Randy Vruggink, John Guido, Terry King.

AIM team members believe that if we return to the patterns of ministry introduced in the Book of Acts we can anticipate the similiar results. Apostolic teams in the Book of Acts were actively involved in expanding the borders of the Kingdom of God. Key functions of the teams included planting new churches and the replication of teams. Apostolic teams were the key networking organism of the church as well. Teams were regularly involved in the care of the churches. (2 Cor 11:28).

AIM Co-Laborers

AIM team members recognize the value of synergy. Each team member has demonstrated ministerial gifts for a number of years and has been graced by God with a sphere of influence (2 Cor 10:13-16). AIM is the result of our heart cry to work together.

Our alliance is a declaration that we believe that when men work together, power is released (1 Cor 3:5-9). We use the biblical model of family for corporate life. We recognize that Israel was a confluence, a “coming together” of clans and families. These families came together for the synergistic purposes of worship and warfare. This pattern is continued in the New Testament as apostolic teams become the outreach arm of the church.

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