Homiletics Course

Homiletics is the art and science of public speaking, preaching in particular. This introductory course presents basic lessons for preparation and delivery of a message. The lessons learned will be useful for a wide variety of public speaking opportunities, this course will be useful even if one does not preach from a pulpit regularly.


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Session 1 | Introduction


Session 2 | The Preacher’s Position


Session 3 | The Preacher’s Position (cont.)


Session 4 | Hearing From God


Session 5 | Proclaiming With Anointing


Session 6 | Proclaiming With Anointing (cont.)


Session 7 | The Messenger and Preaching


Session 8 | Mid-Point Review


Session 9 | The Title

Session 10 | The Text


Session 11 | The Theme


Session 12 | The Introduction


Session 13 | The Body


Session 14 | The Topical Message


Session 15 | The Textual Message


Session 16 | The Expository Message


Session 17 | The Conclusion & Invitation


Session 18 | Pointers for the Presenter

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